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4 Security Protocols Every College Needs to Implement

4 Security Protocols Every College Needs to Implement

Campus security is a vital part of every college campus. Students, faculty, and staff should feel safe and secure while they are on school grounds. Here are four security protocols that every university needs to have. 1.     Mass Security Notifications Systems Mass notification systems disseminate information to many people simultaneously; thus they are the best systems …

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Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Add Vaping to Your School’s Tobacco Policy

3.6 million high and middle school students use electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). That’s a significant increase from the 2 million users reported in 2017. After the students leave for the summer is the perfect time for administrators to address the vaping problem.

3 Approaches to Prepare Faculty for Campus Emergencies

The likelihood that your campus will encounter an active shooter or other type of emergency has increased, so don’t think that it can’t happen at your college or university. Here are a few approaches to help prepare your faculty to deal with a variety of emergency situations.

Dads & Smart Home Security: Better Together!

Dads are busier than ever these days, with many swapping a 9 to 5 job for swing shifts, overtime, and long commutes. Consequently, they aren’t always able to see what’s going on at home – and most of the time, moms are just as busy. Here's how a smart home can help.
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IBS Integrates Access Control at Elevation Apartments at Crown Colony

Recently, our team had the opportunity to install an access control system for Elevation Apartments with multiple buildings that would be managed using the same software package. Check out the case study and contact IBS for your next security systems project.
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IBS Electronics Hits A Home Run with the Westfield Starfires Sponsorship

IBS Electronics & Security is pleased to be a sponsor for the Westfield Starfires 2019 season which kicks off this Friday, May 31st, 2019.

Why Access Control and Video Are Better Together

Electronic access control systems have been a building security standard for years, and video surveillance has been around for even longer. But what do you get when you integrate these two technologies?
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Integrating Access Control & Video Surveillance for Apartments

Integrating access control and video surveillance is a great idea for any building owner – but if your building is a multi-residential property, it’s essential. Here are some reasons why combining electronic access control and video surveillance is a security must for apartment owners and property managers. 
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The Essential Guide to Access Control for Apartment Buildings

Access control systems are commonplace at businesses – but what about apartment complexes and other multi-unit residences? If you own or manage an apartment building, it makes sense to consider installing a cloud-based access control system for the safety of your tenants. Consider what it offers.

How Home Alarm Monitoring Can Save Your Life

Homeowners can become victims of a violent crime, fire, or other home catastrophes. So, a monitored home alarm system could be the difference between life and death. Here’s a look at how home alarm monitoring can potentially save your life.
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Why IBS Installs, Supports & Recommends Open Options for Access Control Systems

An access control system serves as the primary component of any security solution and oftentimes is the interface in which third-party technologies – such as video and intrusion – connect to for a complete security solution. More and more the industry is seeing the move to open architecture access control solutions, however, open architecture in …

Why IBS Installs, Supports & Recommends Open Options for Access Control Systems Read More »

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Why Home Security Should Be on Every Moving Checklist

Using your tax refund to move into a new home, or just taking advantage of the spring season to make the move you’ve been planning? Either way, it’s important to make home security a high priority in your move. Here are some reasons why.
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Connecting Your Virtual Assistant to Smart Home Security

There is so much your smart home security system can do to make life simpler when you’re not at home. But what about when you are home – and you have a virtual assistant like Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo? In that case, your system is even more powerful.
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How Does IP Video Surveillance Work?

IP video has made it possible for businesses to leave traditional cabling networks behind, which means using their own data network infrastructures. The results are simpler installations and a modernized, streamlined approach to security video. But the advantages don’t end there. Here’s more on the inner workings of IP video surveillance.
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General Sales Manager Joins IBS Electronics & Security

IBS Electronics is pleased to announce the addition of Gordon Oliver to our team. As General Sales Manager, Gordon brings with him 20 years of experience in sales and 10 years in business development.
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5 Reasons to Go All In On IP Video Surveillance

When you’re ready to upgrade your security cameras to an IP video system, is it advisable to keep any of your analog cameras in place? Consider these pro and con factors, as they may inform your decision on upgrading to IP video surveillance. 
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How To Be A Home Automation Super Hero

If you are like most people, when you think of home automation you think of all the cool conveniences it provides. But this has led to an important question: Is home automation a convenience, luxury, or necessity? We believe that it has increasingly become a necessity. Here are 5 important reasons why.
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New Parent? 5 Ways Your Home Security System Can Help

Experienced parents will tell you to use all of the tools available to you to help parent through your child’s five stages of development—and one of the most surprising and effective tools is home automation. Here's how...

A Business Security Plan You Can Live With

A solid business security plan neither starts nor ends with having electronic security systems installed. The truth is, a good security plan takes time to plan – and the time to do it is not after an emergency. With that in mind, here are some tips for designing a business security plan you can live with and benefit from, no matter the size or budget of the organization.

Security Project Management: How We Earn Your Buy In

When it comes time to upgrade commercial security system or install a new one, entrusting the duties of managed implementation to a vendor you can trust has tangible advantages. At IBS Electronics & Security, we earn the buy-in of our clients by demonstrating our experience with the following critical pieces of project management.

IBS Lends a Hand to ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Addition

IBS was one of the many proud contributors to lend a hand to the Walker Family in Springfield, as part of ABC’s EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION television show.

How Do Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing Work?

You count on your fire alarm system to help protect your personnel and property. However, you can’t tell if a fire alarm system is functioning properly just by looking at it. While being one of the most important systems in a building, fire alarm systems are also generally one of the most neglected.

Why Integrated Security Is The Best Investment You Can Make

Security systems evolve according to new threats. Businesses are always trying to stay ahead of potential threats that can put staff and customers at risk as well as risk-prolonged disruptions in the carrying out of daily business. Here are four trending security advancements businesses are using to stay ahead of the game.

Biometric Access Control: What You Need to Know

Replacing dated, high-risk door locks with an electronic access control system is one of the best ways to upgrade the security technology at any organization. But for enterprises that are ready to move on from standard access control to even more advanced solutions, there’s biometric access control. Here's why.

Why Your Business Needs An Access Control Upgrade Today

Enterprises are converting their traditional door locks en masse, replacing them with electronic access control systems that give their employees and other approved occupants keyless entry. It’s one of the best ways to bring a facility up to current standards – not to mention that it just makes good business sense. Here’s more information on the advantages of access control.

Integration: The Next Step in Access Control

Access control systems offer a number of advantages immediately after deployment: the convenience of switching to keyless entry, the ability to restrict areas inside a building at granular levels, and the ability to deactivate employee credentials in real time.