Security Project Management: How We Earn Your Buy In

When it comes time to upgrade commercial security system or install a new one, entrusting the duties of managed implementation to a vendor you can trust has tangible advantages. At IBS Electronics & Security, we earn the buy-in of our clients by demonstrating our experience with the following critical pieces of project management.


With a large commercial project, logistics are everything. The integrator taking on project management must be able to synchronize efforts across the implementation team; this includes any subcontractors or in-house resources. We have the logistical experience to do this from the start: from engineering and design to programming and deployment.


With a major commercial security project, it’s imperative that everything is clearly defined at the very beginning. This means everything from project objectives, scope, goals, deliverables, and required resource – and, ideally, set in stone. Blueprinting the project this way is the first step, and needs to happen before any work can begin. Once all these things are identified and documented, we can synchronize the logistics and begin implementation.

Quality Control

When it comes to working with an outside technology vendor, identifying a single point of contact as the quality control responder is a must. This QC role is tasked with overseeing the quality of everything that happens during the project lifecycle: inspecting the work, monitoring the deliverables, and making sure all milestones are being completed on schedule. As the client, your job is to attend to your business while you trust your integrator with quality control.

This is the end-to-end project management every commercial security project requires. To speak with an integrator that has the experience to earn your buy-in on your upcoming project, call IBS Electronics & Security. We will be glad to speak with you.

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IBS Electronics & Security is an experienced, trusted integrator of burglar alarms, fire detection, video surveillance, access control and audio/video communications. We provide custom system solutions that stay within your budget and are backed with proven reliability. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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