Hotel security is critical to protect the guests and staff on the property. Security systems don’t just add an extra layer of protection; they offer proactive security solutions to keep properties secure and safeguard assets. Here are some vital security components that can help protect the people on your property.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras provide a flexible security solution that makes sure someone is always watching your hotel or motel. Video surveillance deters crime and lets you have more eyes in more places. Use security cameras with night vision to protect dark parking lots and cover other unlit, obscure areas.

Video surveillance can catch employee theft and guard restricted areas. It can also provide video evidence to help law enforcement and hotel security investigate crime on the property, such as burglaries, theft, or vandalism. Security cameras can verify who is accessing hotel amenities as well.

Access Control

Access control is necessary to protect guests and staff while keeping unwanted visitors out. Gone are the days of the old lock and key systems that did not provide adequate security. Past guests or employees could make copies and enter hotel rooms and steal from or vandalize them.

Access control systems allow hotels to restrict access to outsiders. These systems add an extra layer of security for hotels and restrict access to amenities and guest rooms on the property. Access systems allow supervisors complete control over access to the property.

Guests receive keycards that only let them in certain areas and are re-programmed when the next guests check-in. Management can revoke permissions and re-issue cards remotely. Access control also lets them see specific cards used to access certain areas. When paired with video surveillance, this helps them visually verify who uses the card.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are incredibly important to hotels because guests and staff are spread out across large properties. Property owners need ways to detect fires and notify people on the premises to protect lives and property. It doesn’t just stop with installing a fire alarm. These alarms require ongoing maintenance and inspections to ensure they’re working properly and can notify hotel management and a central alarm station when the system detects a possible fire.

It’s important to contact a professional security integrator such as I.B.S. Electronics & Security to help plan and install a security and fire alarm system. They can navigate code regulations in your area and monitor services so that the system contacts a central alarm station. The station then notifies the proper hotel personnel and emergency services when necessary.

Contact I.B.S. today to learn more about how fire and security alarms can protect your property, guests, and staff.

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