IBS Electronics & Security integrates complex security systems for apartment buildings in Massachusetts and throughout New England. Recently, our team had the opportunity to install an access control system for Elevation Apartments with multiple buildings that would be managed using the same software package. Check out the case study and contact IBS for your next security systems project.

Project Site: Elevation Apartments at Crown Colony | 7 Crown Drive, Quincy, MA 02169
Site Description: 492-units | 688,664 square feet
Products & Services Provided: Burglar alarms, fire detection, video surveillance, access control, audio/video communications.

Project Background

The scope of a project at a multi-resident luxury apartment complex had changed during the construction process. The expanded scope required access control in six buildings, in addition to the club house, pool area, gate access and underground parking area. The client requested installation and deployment of access control with hardware and software. In this environment, multiple buildings would be managed using the same software package.

Project Commencement

Because of our experience with similar projects, the client was referred to IBS Electronics & Security in December 2017. A bid was submitted that included our recommendations for a custom design. Installation commenced in January 2018.

Project Summary

The client provided their general technical requirements along with a request to avoid damaging existing sheet rock and finishes. Technology used included DNA Fusion software, Mercury hardware, Allegion wireless hardware, AWID long range readers for parking garages with UHF windshield and long range credential recognition capability. Six UHF long distance readers were installed on 23 doors. Both wired and wireless access control utilized the existing fiber structure.

Requirements for Technology and Vendors

The technology chosen would provide the client with an open architecture solution that made scalability easy, in addition to the flexibility needed to interact with previously installed software for the existing tenant door access. Collaboration from the vendors included providing pre-installation design, site surveys, coordination of orders and delivery, and ongoing support. The project encompassed 1,000+ man hours.

Compliance Requirements

Access control gates for the exterior swimming pool fence required extensive life safety and building code research in order to achieve compliance.

Project Challenges

Designing the system was challenging because construction had been completed, limiting our options.

Project Results

The client is very satisfied with the ease of use and ongoing service/support. The client enjoys the custom link that provides the ability for the facility to be quickly locked down when necessary. To the extent of our knowledge, there have there been no attempted break-ins, captures or other incidents since the system was installed.

About IBS Electronics & Security

Headquartered in Springfield, MA with operations in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont & Maine, IBS is a full-service security systems integrator providing Burglar Alarms, Fire Detection, Video Surveillance, Access Control and Audio/Video Communications. We constantly assess the latest technologies and evaluate their ability to protect you from today’s security threats. We diligently study the latest industry trends, construction codes and review new products to stay ahead of the curve.