What you will learn:

  • Entry check-in technology by IBS provides the latest advances in security.
  • It is no longer reserved for government offices, financial institutions, or high-end retail stores but is now available to small businesses.

Many small businesses are at risk of burglary, robbery, and theft each day. The more valuable the contents, the higher the stakes and the greater the threat. For high-worth businesses like jewelers, banks, collectible coin dealers, rare antiques, and more, security is paramount. These businesses depend upon the leading secure entry systems technology developed by IBS. Today, even homeowners and small businesses have access to the same technology as federal buildings, financial institutions, and high-end retail stores.

What Is Entry Check-In Technology?

Entry check-in or secure entry systems employ technology that provides a secure and reliable way to communicate between entry panels and monitoring centers to ensure businesses can grant selective and secure entry. It also works with monitoring centers to monitor and respond to alerts and provide periodic supervision check-in messages. Our panels give extra safety assurance with entry check-in protection and direct transmission without going through a third party. Direct transmission is the answer to burglars’ tactic of forcing entry quickly to disable the alarm panel before an alarm signal is sent by notifying the IBS alarm receiver regardless of whether the panel is destroyed.

How Does Entry Check-In Protection Work?

When your secure entry system is armed, and the entry zone triggers an alert to the IBS receiver, the Supervision check-in message starts a timer for a check-in fail time. This programmed entry delay allows time for an authorized person to disable the alarm, enabling the check-off message. If the system is not disarmed within the designated time, a check-in fail message is triggered.

Why is this critical? If the panel is destroyed, the alarm is triggered when the time limit has expired for delayed check-in. The check-in message that preceded the entry check-in fail provides a valuable timestamp when the intruder breached the property. Because there is no intermediary network operation center or server, there is no opportunity for delays in retransmission or misinterpretation, and the response can be triggered much faster.

What Is an Integrated System?

IBS increases your return on investment and your security by using cutting-edge technology like biometrics, digital tracking, facial recognition, and surveillance cameras. It provides more detail on exactly who is accessing the property.


Instead of simply a timestamp of entry, biometrics gives businesses a reliable way to ensure only people authorized for sensitive areas are granted access by thumbprint, retinal scans, hand scanners, or voice recognition.

Digital Tracking

Controlled access in many businesses such as hospitals, labs, medical facilities, and many more can be made easy with digital trackings like badge tracking and facial recognition. Digital tracking can also ensure that only purchased items leave the store after security devices have been removed.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition can help with theft prevention by alerting security when known shoplifters enter the premises.

IP Surveillance Cameras

The combination of internet protocol cameras with DVR systems provides high-quality optics to identify theft or other illegal activities.

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