Did you know that October is Crime Prevention Month? It makes sense to place a big focus on preventing crime right before Halloween, the unofficial kickoff to the start of the holiday season. People are beginning to place orders for packages, be out of the house for social events, and maybe even be a little off their home security game. But as a homeowner who owns a smart home security system, you can be the superhero of your block this Halloween – no costume necessary. With your system and your personal smartphone, here’s what you’ll be able to do.

Stay on top of common security risks.

Although many criminals are smart, the reality is that most property crimes are simply crimes of opportunity. A burglar might see the opportunity to take advantage of an unsecured entry on the house like an open garage door, front door or window and make a quick decision to act. But with the smart technology of your home security system, you’ll receive an alert on your phone that tells you this entry is open. Using your phone, you can close the garage door – or by calling a friend or neighbor, you can get the front door closed before locking it with your user code. Once the opportunity is gone, the criminal is likely to be gone too.

Protect the system that protects you.

Of course, some criminals may be determined to act anyway. If someone does try to break in, your system will trigger an audible alarm and the central station will respond right away. And because of the secure wireless connection, the system can’t be disabled even if the criminal tries to break it. Proprietary “crash and smash” protection makes sure the signal still reaches the central station, even if the criminal breaks the panel.

Partner with law enforcement.

It’s not just in the movies; many times, criminals do indeed have “favorite” neighborhoods to stake out and burglarize. Sometimes, they’ll return to the same street repeatedly, hitting house after house until they get caught. With a home security system powered by smart technology, you can make sure they get caught sooner. If you have opted for video security, you’ll have a clip to send your local law enforcement to put this in motion. And, you’ll be the superhero of your street if you share these clips on social media. Everyone can be on the watch for the bad guys, making you an unstoppable crimefighting team.

If you’re ready to become a neighborhood crimefighter this Halloween, call IBS Electronics & Security Today. We will be happy to tell you more.

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