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Take the next step in network security with an intrusion detection system from IBS Electronics and Security. Work with American-made products and security features to detect malicious activity, prevent suspicious traffic, and protect your investment.

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24/7 Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

With 24/7 commercial alarm monitoring services you get the immediate help you need in the event of alarm activation. Certified, highly trained agents are always standing by at the UL listed central station, ready to respond and assist when your alarm activates.

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Business Security For The 21st Century

Smart Apps

Easily set schedules, view reports, and arm / disarm right from your mobile device.

Energy Management

Set custom temperature & lighting schedules for opening and closing hours and maximize energy efficiency

Smart Video

Check in on your property and employees at any time, and reduce shrink due to theft from customers or employees.

Business Analytics

Gain key insights into store traffic and monitor critical assets with custom reports.

How Intrusion Detection Systems Work

Whether your business has confidential customer data or private business information, you need a secure network. There are two related systems to consider:

  1. Intrusion detection system
  2. Intrusion prevention system

Both offer solutions to large and small businesses. Intrusion detection systems immediately alert your IT personnel, while intrusion prevention systems actively block specific inbound packets based on their intended use and other information. Both systems have benefits, but an intrusion detection system can be a great option for long-term network monitoring and improvements.

One strategy is to look for signatures of known attackers. Another feature an intrusion detection system, or IDS, performs is to look for deviations from normal operations. Some systems are much more aggressive in denying access to your system, while others simply compile reports of suspicious activity.

Intrusion prevention systems are located between your firewall and your network. This last line of defense monitors activity and inbound packets for signs of suspicious activity. Rather than informing an IT professional, like an IDS, an intrusion prevention system actively halts the packet.

Options To Protect Your Network

An intrusion detection system comes in many types and is designed primarily to detect anomalies in your system. Choose a host-based or network-based system from IBS that monitors your network closely. Here are some basic types of IDS you should consider:

  • Network intrusion detection system
  • Anomaly-based intrusion detection system
  • Signature-based intrusion detection system
  • Host intrusion detection system

Each type of system has its own pros and cons and varies its focus on detection or prevention. At IBS, we work closely with you to assess your network needs and the best IDS for your situation. Work with our team to compare intrusion detection systems and identify the ideal option for your company. Enjoy quality systems and products made in the USA to protect your business.

Benefits of American-Made Support From IBS

Choose our IDS support to enjoy a number of benefits for your company. As a large company, you can’t afford to have your business information stolen. Small businesses working with confidential clients are equally at risk of a data breach. An IDS monitors your existing network to find any inefficiencies, bugs, and problems in the device configuration.

Using an automated monitoring system is far more efficient than a manual inspection of your network safety features. Innovative software from IBS can dramatically reduce the time it takes to take a census of connected systems. This allows you to get more out of your existing IT budget without compromising the safety of your information or the progress of your business.

Customized & Affordable

Small business, large business, industrial complexes…from sole proprietors to successful franchises, enterprises everywhere are at risk of security breaches. Maybe it’s theft, unexplained inventory shortages, shoplifting, fraud, or employee productivity. No matter what your top concerns are, IBS has the solution. No risk is too nominal, and no hazard is too extensive to implement the preventive measures we offer.

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From Basic Security Systems to Complex Automation, Smart Businesses Rely On IBS Electronics & Security

With a wide array of products at our disposal, we can design a system that fits your needs and budget, using either conventional hard wired and/or wireless technology.

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