When you’re ready to upgrade your security cameras to an IP video system, is it advisable to keep any of your analog cameras in place? Consider these pro and con factors, as they may inform your decision on upgrading to IP video surveillance. 

Pros of IP Video Surveillance

Newer is usually better when it comes to security technology, and your commercial video surveillance is no exception. With IP video surveillance, you can zoom in on any person or vehicle, including while they’re in motion. And even when you aren’t zoomed in, IP video surveillance can capture the finer details on a subject: facial features, license plates, and other important aspects of an image that are critical in a security event.

Pros of Analog Video Surveillance

Your analog video surveillance system was most likely an affordable investment – and today, analog video still remains a manageable expense. Additionally, it’s quite simple to view the footage from analog cameras. By and large, anyone who can use a home DVR has the skills needed to manage an analog video surveillance system.

Cons of Analog Video Surveillance

However, analog video lacks the superior quality of IP video surveillance. The frame rate and image quality of analog cameras falls far short of what IP video provides. This is especially important in high-traffic, fast-moving areas that require clearer visibility when viewing the footage.

Then, there’s the security factor. Analog video surveillance does not encrypt your data, while IP video surveillance does. For the reasons addressed here, any organization considering a partial upgrade should only keep analog cameras in low-risk areas.

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