Often, homeowners investing in home security will begin with a monitored alarm. The alarm is a critical part of a security system; however, the home security technology shouldn’t end there. By including smart home security cameras, you can get a lot more mileage out of your investment. Here’s what smart cameras enable you to do.

View from Anywhere

Smart home security cameras give you an instant view into your home in real time. Watch the kids arrive home from school while you’re still at work. Look out at the yard from the comfort of your bed anytime you hear a noise outside. This is the instant gratification smart home security cameras offer.

View in Real Time or Any Time

Most smart cameras have built-in motion sensors that record activity the second motion is detected. That means whether it’s a family member coming home, a visitor knocking on your door or a burglar attempting to break in, you can watch the clip in real time. Want to watch it again? Because the clip is stored, you can do that.

Get Instant Notifications to Your Phone

In addition to capturing the motion-triggered clips, smart home security cameras send you instant smartphone alerts. They let you quickly view your footage and act as you see fit, whether it’s calling a neighbor, calling the police, or going home to see what’s happening.

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