The future of risk assessment is here and just in time to help protect your visitors, vendors, contractors, and employees from threats such as COVID-19. The threat landscape has shifted since the global pandemic, and in response, security companies are beginning to develop automated risk assessment technology to manage your company’s lobby and visitors. Here’s how it works.

Enhance Your Company’s Security Operations

Visitor management systems easily integrate with your other enterprise and security systems such as calendar, email, and access control systems to proactively protect your buildings. It connects these services and systems, giving you the ability to:

Enhance Your Business’s Security Operations

  • Extend your virtual perimeter
  • Assess risks before visitors come on-site
  • Connect the lobby process to the rest of your business

Protect Employees and Secure Your Workplace

  • Comply with all social distancing guidelines
  • Deny access to high-risk visitors
  • Follow guidelines created by national health authorities
  • Automatically deny individuals added to watch lists
  • Establish special rules for those granted access

Assess Risks and Act on this Information

  • Built-in guest Wi-Fi, room booking, and wayfinding
  • Pre-registration launches automatic risk assessment
  • Follow DHHS and CDC guidelines
  • Discover if visitors exposed areas in your business through contact

Benefits of Integrating the Visitor Management System and Access Control

Security managers are working with planning teams to review the long and short-term impact of the pandemic on businesses. Access control can connect the often-isolated front lobby with the rest of the enterprise by integrating the visitor management systems with access control. Linking the two makes the movement of all the people working at or visiting the site visible, and the activity can be tracked and recorded.

There are several benefits of connecting the two systems to mitigate the associated security risks such as the:

  • Easy integration of reports and dashboards for management reporting and operational teams
  • Easy configuration of self-assessment questions and ability to update the information to conform to the latest public health guidelines for assessing risks
  • Enforcement of modified occupation limits and social distancing rules
  • Exclusion of visitors from high-risk areas without the need for escorts
  • Enforcement of additional security controls that automatically restrict visitor access levels

Automated COVID-19 risk assessment protects your employees, visitors, and vendors and allows you to follow and enforce all public health guidelines easily. If you want to learn more about how a visitor management system can help your business, contact I.B.S. Electronics and Security today.

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