Does your business have excessive false alarms? False alarms may lead to fines for your business and waste law enforcement resources. But there’s a solution, and that’s video verification. Video verification sends surveillance footage to the monitoring station that handles the alarms for your facility, showing them exactly what caused the alarm.

Video Verification-What is It?

Video verification uses a bridge that connects a motion or glass break detector to the alarm panel and your network to send critical video footage to your alarm monitoring station. It helps the monitoring operators determine if an alarm was set off by a legitimate threat or set off by an animal or paper shooting out of a fax machine.

Video Verification Integrates with Your Current Security Systems to Minimize False Alarms

This cost-effective security solution that easily integrates with existing security solutions to minimize false alarms that divert critical law enforcement resources from true emergencies. Video verification allows alarm station operators to see surveillance footage of the incident that set the alarm off. No other technology could reduce false alarms as well as video verification.

The monitoring station can contact law enforcement if the threat is real and provide valuable information on criminal suspects and pinpoint an exact location of the security event. This information helps police respond faster and allows them to stop crimes in progress quicker and more often. It increases the likelihood that a crime can be solved and a suspect prosecuted.

Rapid intervention helps you increase the chances that law enforcement will recover stolen property or prevent further criminal acts. If the suspects leave before law enforcement arrives, then the video footage of the incident can supply police with identifying information on suspects and possibly even the vehicle they fled in. It provides a lot more evidence to investigate personal and property crimes increasing the chances of solving them.

Video verification is the technology you want for your business if one of your goals is to reduce false alarms and enhance existing security solutions. Combined with other technology such as a good surveillance system and intelligent AI can it could mean the difference between catching legitimate threats and losing thousands of dollars in vandalism, theft, and other crimes.

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