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With IBS Electronics and Security you can rest assured that we strive to build and install your fire alarm system with only factory trained, certified, and licensed employees. We’re professionals who know nothing is more important to you than the safety of your people and property.

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Securing your business and safeguarding your employees is a priority. When you need a reliable fire alarm monitor in New England, you need IBS Electronics and Security. It isn’t just for high-risk industries. Fire alarm systems ensure a quick response when you need it and may lower your insurance costs. 

A fire alarm monitor system is comprised of four primary components: 

  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Notification
  • Response
  • Maintenance

A reliable system requires experienced, knowledgeable professionals to correctly install, appropriately monitor, quickly respond, and annually maintain. IBS has a long history of working with our client businesses to tailor their systems to their unique business needs. We are proud to serve the healthcare, government, industrial, and small business sectors. 

Benefits of Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems can save lives and property. A sprinkler system is an important component of your fire alarm system for fire suppression, along with smoke detection and emergency response. With IBS, you’ll gain the following benefits: 

  • 24×7 monitoring – You can’t be everywhere at all times. Whether you are at home, on the road, out on the property, or in another part of the building, odds are you won’t see the fire as it starts. With remote monitoring, you never have to worry about leaving your building unattended.
  • Reduce losses – Fire can destroy everything in its path, reducing your building, contents, and livelihood to a pile of ash. Fire sprinklers can prevent or reduce that risk. They work by putting a controlled application of water on a localized area. Not only can they prevent the spread of a fire reducing damage, but they also may be the key to preventing a complete loss of your property.
  • Prevent smoke inhalation – Smoke inhalation is a serious threat to the health and safety of the people inside and around a building fire. Many fire-related deaths are not from the flames but from the smoke. Many toxic substances can be in the smoke, such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen cyanide. They can cause respiratory problems, swelling of the airways, skin rashes or blisters, or death.
  • Insurance discounts – Depending upon your type of business and building, you may qualify for discounts on your insurance premiums. As any business owner knows, insurance is a significant cost. With a fire alarm system, you may be able to receive discounts of up to 60%, mitigating the cost of your system. 
  • Video surveillance – If you are concerned about false alarms, our integrated security and fire alarm systems utilize video surveillance to identify smoke and flame detection. That not only lets the monitoring station verify the emergency, but it can also potentially identify workers in distress. 

Design, Installation, Testing & Inspection

Our fire alarm systems and services are convenient and exceptional, and will provide you with peace of mind, because we follow through and pay attention to details. Quality fire alarms systems and services from IBS can keep you from losing everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

IBS Electronics and Security is a full-service provider of security systems integration, fire detection, intrusion detection, and audio/video communications. We have extensive experience with building codes, local fire alarm codes, and collaboration with local fire authorities. Our team of experts works with our commercial clients to design a system that fits each business’s needs. Technical innovation and expertise in design set us apart from the rest. 

Our operations are located across New England, with our headquarters in Springfield, MA. We believe in continuous improvement, leveraging the latest technological advances in design and implementation. Keeping our customers safe and their investments secure against threats is our primary objective. We are committed to staying ahead of emerging trends and the latest security and fire safety developments to provide the best service for you. 

Full Service – All Major Brands

We collaborate with you to understand the unique needs of your property and develop the best solution for your needs. At IBS, we provide thoughtful fire alarm solutions by designing, installing, inspecting, and monitoring the fire alarm systems we service, ensuring they meet your requirements, including your budget, and comply with insurance, regulations, and municipal codes.

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Commercial Fire Alarm Services

  • System Design
  • Plan Submittals
  • Budget & Planning Services
  • Expediting Services
  • System Installation
  • System Integration
  • Test & Inspection
  • Maintenance Services
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Sprinkler System Monitoring
  • Code Approvals
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Applications Across Many Industries

IBS Electronics & Security secures buildings across the Northeast, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine & New Hampshire.

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We maintain a full service engineered systems group consisting of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialize in the electronic security and fire alarm industry. The team includes certified personnel, system designers, programmers, IT specialists, and CAD operators who are dedicated to delivering a full complement of design services so you can make an informed decision on what is the best solution for your application.

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