Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require different security solutions than other industries. While they need to protect the staff and patients from outside security threats, it’s also vital to monitor the safety of patients and caregivers. So, what solutions are available for healthcare facilities to protect property and staff?

UL Listed Nurse Call Systems

The healthcare industry has developed emergency standards for cutting-edge security technology, and UL listed nurse call systems meet those standards. UL is a globally accepted standard that lets healthcare officials and consumers know that any technology with this label meets those standards.

UL listed nurse call systems are used in assisted-living, nursing homes, and hospital facilities and are a vital link between caregivers and patients. They are also known as call light or call bell systems. This call system allows the patient to contact a nurse’s station easily and is simple to use. It helps nurses and doctors monitor and manage multiple patients for optimal patient safety.

Video Analytics

Most facilities have existing security systems and need additional products that integrate with the systems they already have in place. A licensed and professional security integrator can install video analytics on a large or small scale, depending on the size of the facility. They usually install security cameras with built-in analytics that work well with most security systems.

Video analytics lets you manage the security of patients and staff by allowing security administrators to monitor and record all staff, patients, and visitors. You can set up alert notifications and specific criteria so that the system notifies the right people when it identifies these conditions. These systems let you find security images quickly and reduce the response time of security, caregivers, and other emergency services to security threats.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are critical for all healthcare facilities, notifying the staff when there’s a possible fire, and allowing them to follow evacuation procedures. Intelligent fire alarms act as a sentinel for these facilities always watching for evidence of a fire. Then alarms alert hospital staff and a central alarm station for faster emergency response. But it’s not enough to just install one of these systems. They require regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that they work properly and meet local and state code.

For information on how these systems can help your healthcare facility, contact I.B.S. Electronics & Security. They’ll help you plan and install a fire alarm and security system that meets your specific needs.

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