Integrating access control and video surveillance is a great idea for any building owner – but if your building is a multi-residential property, it’s essential. Here are some reasons why combining electronic access control and video surveillance is a security must for apartment owners and property managers.

Your tenants expect security.

To you, your residential property is an investment – but for your tenants, it’s home. They expect their home to be a safe place for themselves and their families, and they should. Maybe you already took the important first step by having an access control system installed at the front gate and around the recreational areas. Now, it’s time to add on video surveillance so tenants can rest assured that anyone with bad intentions will be caught on camera.

It makes management easier.

As owner or manager of an apartment complex or gated property, you need to know when someone attempts to enter under false pretenses. If your access control system is integrated with video surveillance, you’ll have that opportunity. When someone manages to enter an area with a stolen access card or someone else’s numeric code, you’ll have it on video so the person can be identified. Law enforcement may be more likely to help when you have this evidence, and you can even share the clips on social media to see if any community members recognize them.

You need fewer liabilities.

Whether it’s the risk of being sued for slip and fall or the chance that one tenant will be bitten by another tenant’s dog, liability risks are in abundance on apartment properties. The more liabilities you can reduce, the better. How about loud, late night parties that end up summoning police to your property? You can impose rules on tenants, but someone will always break them – and an integrated access control/video solution can help you find out who. These are the liability matters a comprehensive security system can address.

To discuss your options for integrated access control and video, New England property managers can call IBS Electronics & Security. We look forward to telling you more.

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