Campus security is a vital part of every college campus. Students, faculty, and staff should feel safe and secure while they are on school grounds. Here are four security protocols that every university needs to have.

1.     Mass Security Notifications Systems

Mass notification systems disseminate information to many people simultaneously; thus they are the best systems to notify everyone on campus of violent incidents in progress, severe weather, and much more. In the event of an active shooter incident, students, staff, and faculty know areas to avoid. In many instances, these systems save lives because they get important information to people faster than any previous processes or systems.

2.     Access Control

Access control systems are critical security components of any university safety plan. They provide another layer of security on top of locks to reduce crime. These systems are not as expensive as you may think and are simple to install.

Access comes in a variety of forms such as keypads with PINs, ID Cards, key fobs, and swipe pads. They only let authorized people in campus buildings, thus eliminating unauthorized access.

Guarded gates are another example of access control. The university can construct fenced perimeters with checkpoints where only staff and students with decals can gain entry.

3.     Gunshot Detectors

This new technology is a game-changer for companies and institutions that install these detectors. Your security integrator can install these inside and outside of buildings and connect them to the security system to capture video of incidents on campus.

Businesses that have these detectors installed say that staff and faculty receive notifications of problems before phone calls or alarm activations. The system notifies the proper authorities immediately, drastically reducing how long it takes for the authorities to respond. This system can save many lives.

4.     Intelligent Video

Video technology has advanced significantly. Today’s smart video cameras can identify suspicious behavior and patterns as well as differentiate between animals, people, and objects. Facial recognition can detect vandalism or theft on campus immediately identifying people who don’t belong there.

Student populations constantly evolve, and relevant security issues change. Unfortunately, campuses aren’t always as safe today as we would like them to be. Implementing these security measures can increase campus security and make everyone feel safer.

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