The government first experimented with gunshot technology during World War I, but the technology has advanced significantly in recent years. This security solution is a response to the growing problem of mass shooting events in the United States. There were 371 mass shooting incidents in 2015 alone. This innovative technology provides significant benefits to several industries such as education, healthcare, local government, and many others.

How Gunshot Detection Systems Work

A variety of businesses, institutions, and agencies have started installing gunfire detection analytics such as cities, borders, airports, large venues, universities, and hotels. This technology has microphone sensor nodes that detect gunshots. The system immediately reports the location of the gunfire to law enforcement and security personnel once it detects it.

Some vendors immediately send the audio recorded by the sensors to a command center where experts verify the data in seconds. Other vendors include technology with the gunshot detection systems that analyzes the audio right in the sensor. These vendors say that their systems can determine the type of weapon fired and the number of gunshots.

Some school systems installed gunshot analytic solutions that activate surveillance cameras in the area of the shooting and livestream video to authorities. The sensors can even automatically lock doors after detecting gunfire.

There are four primary types of gunfire detection systems:

  • Mobile
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Fixed

Benefits of Gunshot Detection Analytics

Security directors say that the technology is a game-changer for their facilities. The system alerts are significantly faster than phone calls or alarms. They are also more reliable, particularly in places where citizens are reluctant to report these types of incidents. Gunshot detection analytics dramatically reduce the response time for security personnel and law enforcement. Authorities can lock down the areas where the gunfire was detected and contain the shooter easily saving more lives.

One city reported that they identified someone illegally possessing a firearm as a result of data gathered by the system. The person also had outstanding warrants, so they were able to arrest him and get one more illegal weapon off the streets.

Gunshot detection technology has changed the way security personnel and law enforcement respond to active shooter incidents. Over time it will undoubtedly save countless lives.

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