Back to school time means a change in schedules and hurrying to get the kids to school in the morning and yourself to work. Did you forget to lock the front door or shut the garage? Then as your workday wears on, you wonder if the kids made it home from school okay. Smart home security helps protect your home and family and makes it easy to manage your household.

Check in On the Kids Easily

While your kids are growing more independent every year, that doesn’t mean you stop worrying about them. Intelligent security lets you check in on the kids without bothering them. Security cameras and image sensors allow you to view a  snapshot of the inside of your home. You can also see live video using inside and outdoor cameras or receive short video clips of your children getting home from school.

You can even program the security system to send you alerts for other activities such as someone playing video games too long or accessing off-limit areas. Smart home security keeps you in the know about the activities happening at home when you aren’t there.

Reduce Your Security Risk and Worries with Unique User Codes

The fewer house keys you have floating around, the less risk you have of being the victim of a burglary or trespassing incident. Criminals know where people hide their spare keys, and that’s like welcoming them into your home. Add smart locks to your smart home security system, and you can assign a different user code to everyone in the family.

You can’t drop or lose user codes, but you can forget them. That’s a simple fix. Have your kids ring the video doorbell when they get home, and you can unlock the door no matter where you are. Plus, by assigning your children user codes, it instills in them a sense of responsibility that they’ll just love.

An Intelligent Alarm System Grow as Your Family Does

Over time as your family grows and changes, you may see that your security needs do as well. It’s easy to add a new feature or update your system as everything happens on the cloud. Call your security integrator if you want to add a product as they’ll be able to give you the best advice and professionally install it.

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