The global COVID-19 pandemic has left business owners scrambling to find new and innovative ways to protect their employees, visitors, contractors, and vendors. Some access control technology extends the authentication process to allow companies to use readers to detect body temperature, and face masks as well.

Face Mask Detection and Body Temperature

In addition to authenticating people using fingerprints, palms, and faces, some card readers can detect body temperature and protective masks quickly. If the system identifies a high body temperature, it can deny access to users.

This capability helps prevent the spreading of germs, especially in high-risk businesses such as commercial office buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, and other public areas. It also allows managers and supervisors to take necessary health precautions to keep everyone safe.

These readers use thermal cameras to check temperatures providing fast, highly accurate results with versatility, all in one device. The versatility and accuracy provide convenience and enhanced security at an affordable price. The sensor is 100 percent hands-free, making it safe and hygienic.

These systems authenticate applications such as access control, visitor management, time and attention, event management, and more. It’s a convenient way to manage multiple enterprise systems while keeping everyone who enters your building safe and secure.

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