Summer parties are in full swing with warm weather. Why not let smart security technology help you host them. New security technology doesn’t just protect your home and deter crime; it streamlines household systems and makes things more convenient. Here’s how your security system can be your co-host.

It Can Greet Party Guests

Party hosts always have last minute things to sort out. Sometimes you’re right in the middle of a task such as cooking or setting out dishes when your guests start to arrive. With a video doorbell and smart locks, you can look at your smartphone to see who’s there. Then push a button to unlock the door to let them in.

Smart Lighting Brightens Up Your Yard

Summer parties last long after the sun goes down. Light up your outdoor and indoor activities with smart lighting that activates automatically. You don’t have to do anything except keep being the lively host!

Smart Security Works on More Electronics than Your Smartphone

Intelligent home security works on many electronics such as tablets and even your Apple Watch. Now you don’t have to go out to the garage to close the garage door. Wow the crowd by closing it with one touch on your watch.

Use Smart Sensors to Keep Track of the Kids

Before smart home security solutions, someone always had to keep an eye on the kids. Now you can catch up with your guests. Tell stories and reminisce while the kids explore the house. With contact smartphone alerts and contact sensors, you’ll know when they enter an area that’s off-limits like the man-cave fridge. When everything goes quiet, you’ll know where to look and where else they’ve been.

Leaving Locking Up the House to the Security System

With home automation, you can create scenes for repetitive activities such as locking up the house and setting the alarm. After the guests are gone and the kids are in bed, there’s no need to worry about locking the house. Just say the vocal command for your “Nighttime Routine,” and the security system locks all the doors, adjusts the temperature, and sets the alarm.

Party hosting has never been easier with your smart security system as co-host.

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