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Cloud Access Control Systems in Springfield MA & Boston MA

Access control can be integrated into your security system to control access to areas and resources throughout a single commercial property or multiple properties.

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Scalable Door Access For Single or Multiple Locations

A fully-integrated access control security system will allow management to control and monitor access of your staff using proximity cards, combination pin, or biometric readers. Access control points can be anything from a door, elevator or other physical barriers in which access can be electronically controlled.

How Modern Door Security Works

When an employee leaves, is terminated, loses a key, the security of your premises can be severely compromised, your only solutions are costly and time consuming, calling a locksmith to rekey all of your doors and locks. With an Access Control system in place this is no longer a concern. You, the business owner, makes the decision as to when entrances or doors can be used and grant access selectively.

By utilizing Access Control via a card access system, your system is updated via any PC or smart device, disabling any card in question. Any other cards you have issued to other employees continue to work as they have in the past.

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Benefits of An Access Control System

  • The ability to control access by individual doors via a PC or smart device
  • Avoid the expensive problem of re-keying your commercial building and office doors
  • Prevent access by former employees, or restrict employees to certain areas
  • Onsite reporting of both authorized and unauthorized access attempts
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Applications Across Many Industries

IBS Electronics & Security secures buildings across the Northeast, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine & New Hampshire.


Integration: The Next Step in Access Control

Learn how access control systems offer a number of advantages immediately after deployment: the convenience of switching to keyless entry, the ability to restrict areas inside a building at granular levels, and the ability to deactivate employee credentials in real time.


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