Schools back in and your schedule is out of control. A smart home security system can save your sanity and make sure you remain aware of your home’s security. People are using intelligent home security in innovative ways to manage their household.

Monitor the Kids When They’re Home Alone

Your security system doesn’t just protect your home from the outside, it allows you to monitor what’s going on inside your home when you’re not there. Remote video monitoring lets you surveil your property from anywhere.

Inside security cameras allow you to see what your kids are doing while you’re at work. With two-way voice control, you can even remind your teenage son to stop watching television and do his homework.

There’s no need to worry about unapproved guests because your system can send you video clips when a pre-set action triggers the cameras. Activity triggers include someone opening the front door or using their access code.

Reminders Straight from the Security System

When you’re rushing to leave home in the morning, it’s easy to forget to set the alarm or lock the garage door. With smart locks, the security system sends you an alert that you left the door unlocked. It’s easy to secure the door with just the touch of a button. Smart home security also notifies you when the alarm isn’t set, and you can arm it from wherever you are.

Make Sure the Kids Get Home Safe with User Alerts

Many kids get home from school before their parents’ workday ends. Assign each child a unique access code so that they can easily get into the house. There’s no need to leave spare keys outside or worry about the kids losing theirs. Once they use their code, the system notifies you that they got home safely.

Open Door and Window Alerts Save You Money

The security system also alerts you when someone leaves a window or door open. When combined with a smart thermostat, the system also sets the heating system back to energy savings mode when it detects a window open. Once someone shuts the open door or window, the system resets back to your desired temperature setting

If you don’t already have smart home security and home automation, now’s the time to get it. It eliminates the stress and worry of wondering if your kids are safe and your house is secure.

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