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IBS Electronics and Security is pleased to participate in the DMP authorized dealer program in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine to offer the very best security system integration services to our residential and small business clients.

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DMP is a family owned manufacturer of electronic burglary, fire, and access products. Since 1975, we have designed, built, distributed, and supported those products from our headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. We sell directly to preferred alarm companies who are passionate about providing life-safety and peace-of-mind.

DMP Control Panels: Pioneering Network Security

Since 1979, DMP has delivered products that span intrusion, fire, wireless, cell, access, and network. DMP offers a unique control panel design that has no operating system. That means systems that need no security patches or updates. DMP produces a full range of security products without the vulnerabilities that others have, including, but not limited to, Virtual Keypad, Entre, X1, and XTLplus.

Virtual Keypad

The virtual keypad app provides remote security system keypad functionality via mobile applications. Security functions such as locking or unlocking doors, controlling appliances, monitoring cameras, turning lights off or on, and adjusting thermostats can all be done from anywhere at the touch of a finger on a smartphone. Older panels can benefit from the Universal Communicators add-on. 


DMP Entré Access Control and Security Management software allow system managers to have comprehensive point-and-click control of their security system. The XR Series panels integrate intrusion and access control into one simple application. The graphical user interface on the DMP control panel offers an intuitive way to manage all facilities on the network from any location. 


DMP’s stand-alone access control solution is a cloud-based system that utilizes the network, cellular, or Wi-Fi. It can be installed in minutes for one or multiple sites. X1 offers full system redundancy for up to 1,000 doors per site. With network or cellular-based connectivity, your systems aren’t susceptible to network outages.

The X1 can be used as the primary or as a full system backup for consistent communication. With a cloud-based administrative portal, installation is a breeze. Virtual Keypad allows users to manage both home and office intrusion systems. 


The XTLplus wireless burglary control panel features a small footprint with wide-ranging benefits. It accommodates up to 99 zones with 900 Mhz two-way wireless, cellular, and Wi-Fi communication. This panel also incorporates Z-Wave Plus for extended functionality and convenience.

Which Is the Best Access Control System?

This question is a popular one. However, the answer isn’t straightforward. The right solution for your business may not be the same one that is best for another one. It depends upon many factors, such as your type of business, risk factors, who needs access, when they need access, and many other criteria that are unique to your operation. 

Other conditions may include whether or not you need to maintain onsite management of your security control panel and other equipment. Depending upon your data and cybersecurity requirements, you may need to contain all customer data on an internal network. As long as you have a network connection, you can use DMP software on a computer to view and manage facilities from anywhere. That makes it ideal for multiple facility operations. 

The Power of Adaptive Technology

If you ever wondered how to keep your business secure during power outages or other signal disruptions, the answer is DMP Adaptive Technology. That signal is how the monitoring station knows all is well at the site. If the monitoring station can no longer communicate with the security control panel, it may not be an emergency but simply a communication error. What sets DMP apart is that as soon as a disruption is detected, the system immediately knows to adapt to the secondary path, keeping a constant signal. 

For instance, if the primary path is no longer transmitting signals, it could mean that there is something as simple as a temporary power loss due to power cords being disconnected or local outages. That would not warrant police intervention. Using DMP’s Adaptive Technology, the system knows to failover immediately to the cellular path, allowing the monitoring station to assess the conditions. If there is no need for intervention, the monitoring station then issues a ticket to diagnose the problem and identify steps for resolution.

Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Control Panel Partner

  1. DMP products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Springfield, Missouri with U.S. and global components.
  2. A Dealer Direct relationship makes you a member of an elite dealer program.
  3. One hundred percent product testing before shipping.
  4. Backward, forward and horizontal product compatibility.
  5. Commercial-grade two-way wireless offers extreme range and unique capabilities.
  6. A complete family of attractive branded user interfaces.
  7. We say what we do. We do what we say. You can count on it.
  8. Experienced professional sales, technical training and U.S.-based support.
  9. We insist on the integrity of our products and our people.
  10. Customers tell us we are innovative, reliable, and provide them with excellent support. We take your success personally.

IBS Electronics & Security is A DMP Products Dealer

IBS Electronics and Security is pleased to participate in the DMP authorized dealer program in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine to offer the very best security system integration services to our commercial and residential clients.

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