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Advanced Nurse Call Systems in Springfield & Boston MA

IBS Electronics & Security has UL® Listed nurse call systems to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

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Robust Healthcare Solutions For Any Facility

The healthcare industry has developed emergency standards for cutting-edge security technology, and UL listed nurse call systems meet those standards. UL is a globally accepted standard that lets healthcare officials and consumers know that any technology with this label meets those standards.

At IBS Electronics and Security, we are in the business of helping you keep your patients safe with nurse call systems that cover all the bases as UL listed products. We focus on the details and the needs you have so you can focus on your patients’ needs.

Software That’s Easy to Use

We realize you’ve got a lot going on, and you don’t need a complicated program to set up and keep maintained. Our American-made wireless nurse call systems are engineered to be easy to set up, simply by plugging the signal repeaters into an outlet and letting the system do the rest. They’re also easy to use with convenient features. For example, some key features of the Vision Link II platform include:

  • Free preprogramming
  • Lifetime technical support<
  • Staff training
  • Patient bed turn notifications
  • Flexible alarm notification
  • Statistical call reports

It also includes call analysis reports, remote access, device monitoring, and maintenance alerts. If you’re using the MicroVision system, visual and audible alerts are always available. Each of our systems will immediately notify you when the device is inactive or when the battery is low, which are features you don’t find in other systems.

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Effectively Connecting Patients With Care Staff

In the healthcare system, time is often of the essence. It’s important you can connect with your patients quickly and that they can connect with you when an emergency arises. Our American made call systems give you a safe and reliable way to do that with 900MHz wireless technology. Some devices that keep you connected include:

  • Wireless Single & Dual Patient Stations
  • Wireless Emergency Pull Stations
  • Wireless Pendant and Wrist Transmitters
  • Alpha-numeric pocket page alarm notification
  • Wireless Door and Window exit sensors
  • Ventilator alarm with timer & more!

Once the signal has been sent from these devices, the care staff is notified in mere moments. Your staff can also be notified of access control alarms, mass emergencies, door/window exits, motion detectors, and other similar notifications. Those notifications don’t just dispatch to the nurse call station. Still, they can be sent to Android and IOS devices, Apple products, pocket pagers, cell phones, email addresses, LAN connected clients, remote monitors, and more. If you need a quieter notification, text messages can also be sent.

Every event on our call systems is logged, including the time it takes for your staff to respond to a call. While this system is especially helpful for high-risk care situations, it’s also great for any slower-moving hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted-living facilities.

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require different security solutions than other industries. While they need to protect the staff and patients from outside security threats, it’s also vital to monitor the safety of patients and caregivers. So, what solutions are available for healthcare facilities to protect property and staff?


Providing Everyone with Peace of Mind

At IBS Electronics & Security, we’ve made it our business to provide our clients with peace of mind. Some of the people who need that most are those in care facilities or loved ones in care facilities. Our healthcare solutions provide that.

Meeting all the needs of your hospital, assisted-living facility, nursing home, long-term care facility, or independent living center, our devices help everyone take a big sigh of relief. When you don’t have to worry about missing a patient’s cry for help or finding a patient who wandered off, you have the time and energy you need to provide proper care for all your patients. This benefits everyone involved.

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The safety of your patients isn’t something you should take lightly. You need high-quality nurse call systems to keep everyone connected and protected. No patient should ever feel like he or she won’t get the care required to stay safe, and no loved ones should feel nervous leaving their family members in your care. With immediate access to caregivers, patients and their families feel more secure and have a greater overall sense of defense.

To learn more about our wireless nurse call systems, contact IBS Electronics & Security for a consultation. Call us at 877-201-1694 or fill in our online form, and we’ll be in touch.

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