We live in a different world today than we did even two months ago. S ocial distancing has forced non-essential businesses to close, and many employees of the companies deemed essential are working remotely. Whether you’re working from home or on-site, security technology allows you to limit contact with card readers and alarm keypads as well as monitor your businesses from just about anywhere.

Touchless Access Control

Today’s access control makes going hands-free easier than ever before. Here are some ways you can access your building without touching the reader.

  • Install automatic door unlock for total touchless access
  • Unlock doors using the security app on your phone
  • Touch the card reader with an inanimate object like your cellphone or with part of your body that is covered like your elbow or arm.

Use Remote Unlock

Many new access control systems have a remote unlock feature that lets you unlock a door anytime from anywhere. You don’t need to be at work to help an employee access the building or unlock a door for a delivery. System administrators can give end-users access to this feature on a mobile device or the control center.

IP Video Surveillance and Video Monitoring

Your old video surveillance system guarded your business by recording footage of your property onto a VCR tape. This type of security was only reactive in nature because if something happened, you had to go back and review the footage of the event.

Modern security technology makes protecting your business much easier and turns your security into a proactive solution instead of reactive. With IP security cameras, you also have remote access to the surveillance system so you can manage your business, whether you’re on-site or at home. If you need to access footage of an incident when your business is closed it’s easy to do and sharing footage with law enforcement or other people is just as simple.

Video monitoring is another great security solution that means someone is always watching your property when you can’t be there. When your security cameras or a motion detector identifies a possible threat, your alarm system alerts a central monitoring center. There a security professional verifies if there is a legitimate security issue and contacts local law enforcement so they can respond.

Add video verification, and your alarm system sends vital security camera footage of the incident directly to the monitoring station so they can verify what caused the alarm.

Today’s innovative security technology helps you monitor your business from afar and access your buildings hands-free. For more information on how you can use touchless access control and video monitoring to help you with social distancing, contact IBS Electronics and Security.

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