• Many business locations adjusted their operating hours or temporarily closed their facilities as a COVID-19 safety measure.
  • Find out how IBS Electronics and Security can help you install DMP security products to keep your business secure.

Your business has many health and safety concerns related to COVID-19. If you’re subject to a lockdown or have chosen to limit hours, it’s time to review your security system. At IBS Electronics and Security, we’re confident we can help you find American-made security systems to keep your facility, customers, and employees safe.

Review Your Security System

Take some time to review your current system. If you don’t have a security system installed or your current setup doesn’t have video features, it may be time for an update. DMP security products offer a range of features and are proudly made in America. Here are some critical security features to include in your system if you’re planning on having your business closed for longer periods of time.

Video Camera Security

Video monitoring is a great security option any time but is particularly important as you leave your premises unoccupied for days or weeks. Real-time alarm notifications tied to your video cameras allow you to see what caused the alarm before deciding whether to contact local first responders. Access video footage from anywhere in the world thanks to a connected, secure mobile app.

Virtual Keypad

Virtual Keypad is a DMP mobile app that you can connect with your DMP control panel. With the right verification, you can gain control of your system for convenient monitoring and control of your facility. Use the keypad to signal an alarm immediately, turn an alarm off, or activate your door. Granting access to your door through an app is a great way to promote contactless entry to customers and employees.

COVID-19 Lockdown Strategies

COVID lockdowns left many commercial facilities suddenly unoccupied for weeks at a time. Staying home during the pandemic may have been a safe choice for your employees and customers, but it left your facility liable to a break-in. Stay safe during future lockdowns or after-hours situations with these strategies.

Alter the Unlocking Schedule

A DMP control panel can automatically unlock your front door at a specific time. Be sure to override your usual schedule to prevent your facility doors from unlocking when no one is there to protect your property.

Set Quarantined Users as Inactive

When an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or needs to quarantine after being exposed to the virus, set safe limits by changing their access status, marking an individual as inactive prevents them from entering your workplace while under quarantine.

Manage Customer Access

Thanks to the Virtual Keypad DMP app, your front desk can lock and unlock the front door. This allows your team to monitor the number of individuals in your building and limit access to stay in line with building occupancy limits. Once you reach your occupancy limit, lock the front door and manage entry as customers come and go.

Secure Your Business With IBS Electronics and Security

IBS Electronics and Security offers business protection through state-of-the-art security systems. Schedule a consultation today to see how American-made products and industry-leading expertise can come together to protect your commercial assets. Security during a lockdown not only keeps your property safe but helps you maintain the recommended occupancy limits and other safety concerns to protect your employees and customers.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Billion Photos