Developing a security plan for a college or university campus is challenging, to say the least. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to providing a safe environment for staff, faculty, and students. Here is a quick checklist to help you assess how secure your campus is so that you can create an accurate security plan.

Security Challenges

First, it’s crucial to note that most campus security departments have adopted a multi-layered approach to campus security. Unintegrated security systems supply thousands of contact points that must be monitored. It’s also critical to note that you must consider protective factors for people, the community, and the educational institution as well as environmental risks.

Risk Assessments for Security Planning

To start security planning, it’s critical to collaborate with your security integrator, and one of the first things they’ll want to perform is a risk assessment. It’s like a road map for security planning and expenses. A thorough risk assessment may take several days to complete, but it’s well worth the time spent. The security integrator will likely find problem areas overlooked by security guards and police officers because he’ll evaluate things with a fresh pair of eyes.

A Campus Security Risk Assessment Checklist

  • Security procedures and policies– Identify imminent threats and campus vulnerabilities.
  • Electronic Security Systems– Integrate video surveillance and access control, as well as solutions for intrusions.
  • Dorms– Do the dorms have access control and if so, is this solution working? How can it be better?
  • Athletic fields, arenas, and stadiums– Large venues with tens of thousands of visitors may need there own risk assessments. Look at access control, the internal patrol policy, and perimeter security.
  • Parking garages and parking lots– These areas are some of the least safe places. Are they monitored by security cameras and well lit?
  • Outdoor landscaping, fencing, and lighting– Criminal like to hide in dark, overgrown areas. Make sure maintenance landscapes and checks the lighting regularly.
  • The neighborhood surrounding the campus– Are nearby businesses and updated traffic patterns affecting the security of the campus?

Use this checklist and work with your security integrator to assess the campus’s vulnerabilities and threats. This information will prove invaluable for developing a thorough security plan that works.

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