Electronic access control systems have been a building security standard for years, and video surveillance has been around for even longer. But what do you get when you integrate these two technologies? The answer: an impenetrable, comprehensive security solution for your organization.

See Everyone Who Attempts to Enter

By integrating video surveillance and access control into a single system, you will have a clear digital image of everyone who attempts to gain access to your building with their access control credential – whether it’s an ID card, key fob or numeric code typed onto a keypad.

If that person is trying to enter under false pretenses, you’ll not only know that someone was denied access – you’ll actually see who they were, and be able to watch them making the attempt. You or your authorized system administrator can see the whole thing on demand, triggered by an alert that goes straight to your smartphone or other device.

Manage from a Single Platform

How can an intricate, integrated system like this be managed? Very easily. When a person swipes a credential at the access control station, the event is captured on video immediately. At the same time, the system logs the details of the attempt, including the person the credential was actually assigned to. Managing the system is simple on a secure, web-based platform the admin can log into anytime, from any device. On this platform, new employees can be added as users – and of course, people who are terminated can be deactivated.

Organizations can tremendously benefit when access control and video surveillance are integrated. New England businesses, learn more by contacting IBS Electronics & Security. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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