So, you’ve decided to upgrade to an IP video system, but should you upgrade all at once or install new security cameras over time? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide the best way to upgrade your surveillance system.

Cons of a Partial Upgrade

Let’s start with the cons first. For starters, analog video cameras don’t encrypt your information like IP video does. If you plan on keeping part of your old cameras in place, make sure they aren’t in high-risk areas.

Also, analog video isn’t as high-quality as IP video. The image quality and frame rate of analog video surveillance can’t compare to IP video cameras. This problem is magnified in high-traffic areas that need clearer visibility when monitoring security camera footage.

Analog Security Camera Pros

Analog video surveillance systems are affordable, and that can be a major factor. It still remains an inexpensive security solution. It’s easy to review video footage and doesn’t take extensive security technology to manage the system.

IP Video Surveillance Pros

As technology advances, newer security cameras have better features and are often more secure. IP video lets you zoom in on people, objects, and vehicles while they’re moving. Even if you don’t use zoom, IP security cameras capture finer details much better than older cameras. The footage allows you to see license plate numbers, facial features, and other details. Details are crucial when investigating security incidents.

With IP video surveillance, you can manage your system from almost anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Accessibility ensures that you don’t need to head into work on your day off to review video footage. Also, there’s no need for VHS tapes or discs. You can easily share surveillance footage with law enforcement or anyone else who needs to see it.

Analog cameras need to be hard-wired into the DVR. However, multiple IP security cameras can be connected to a single switch to increase the number of cameras providing more coverage of your facility.

If you want to upgrade your video surveillance system but aren’t sure if you should do it over time or all at once, contact your security integrator. A security professional can provide advice on security system upgrades and design the best plan for your business.

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