The Essential Guide to Access Control for Apartment Buildings

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Access control systems are commonplace at businesses – but what about apartment complexes and other multi-unit residences? If you own or manage an apartment building, it makes sense to consider installing an access control system for the safety of your tenants. Consider what it offers.

Restricted Residential Building Entry

People want, and deserve, to feel safe where they live. And in an age where every business has a reputation on social media, residential property managers should expect that word will spread about what they are offering (or not offering) in terms of building safety. Restricting the building entry with an access control system means that tenants will be the only ones able to swipe a card or key fob at all protected gates and doors. This can improve property safety and your reputation.

Control Access When Retail is Involved

In urban neighborhoods and live/work developments, it’s not unusual for residential and commercial areas to share a common entrance. If your building shares a main entrance with a retail space, the residential portion should be able to have limited access that’s just for tenants. That way, visitors can access shopping and dining while only tenants are able to enter the residential area.

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All it requires is the residential floors, stairs and elevators being protected by an access control system. As the manager, you can control the system remotely with all data stored in the cloud. Likewise, residents can have their own access-controlled parking lot or garage.

Restricting the building entry with an access control system means that tenants will be the only ones able to swipe a card or key fob at all protected gates and doors. This can improve property safety and your reputation. 

Keep Common Areas for Residents Only

If your building has amenities available exclusively to residents – such as a swimming pool, workout room, rooftop garden or clubhouse – then you’ll want to restrict those areas so that others stay out. Installing an access control for that part of your apartment complex can instantly add value to the property and allow your tenants to recreate more securely. Additionally, the system can be programmed to keep these areas locked in the late night hours. Whatever your policies are, you can make the access control system accommodate them.

As a manager or owner of an apartment complex, you can administer your access control system from a secure login. For more information on access control for apartment buildings, New England owners can call IBS Electronics & Security. We will be glad to discuss this with you.

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