Using your tax refund to move into a new home, or just taking advantage of the spring season to make the move you’ve been planning? Either way, it’s important to make home security a high priority in your move. Here are some reasons why.

You need proactive threat response.

When the photos are on the walls and the furniture is exactly where you want it, you’re not done moving yet. You’ve just made a big investment, and you need a system in place that will proactively respond to any security threats to your home.

This isn’t a major intrusion on your new home’s infrastructure; the wireless technology relies on cellular signals rather than wires and cables connected to a landline. The wireless motion sensors send a signal to the monitoring center any time a threat is detected.

You need reliable threat intervention.

Thanks to this wireless technology, threat intervention is reliable no matter what external forces attempt to thwart it. That means an intruder can’t disable your alarm by cutting your phone line, which is a major benefit of owning a security system that doesn’t rely on your landline. Storms and power outages are no match for your system either. The wireless signal works in harsh weather, too.

You need to reduce threats to your family.

In general, you need the peace of mind a wireless home security system can deliver. Homeowners and their families can rest easier knowing there are dedicated security professionals standing by to respond to their alarm if an intrusion or fire takes place. And once word gets around that you and your neighbors are security system owners, criminals are less likely to include your street on their target list. Over time, you’ll increases the safety of the entire neighborhood.

These are the reasons every moving checklist should include home security. New England residents, call IBS Electronics & Security for more information. We would be happy to speak with you.

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