What’s IP video surveillance all about? It’s a good question, and one we would be happy to answer for businesses interested in exploring what IP video surveillance has to offer. IP video has made it possible for businesses to leave traditional cabling networks behind, which means using their own data network infrastructures. The results are simpler installations and a modernized, streamlined approach to security video. But the advantages don’t end there. Here’s more on the inner workings of IP video surveillance.

Limitless Linking of Cameras

For a large enterprise, traditional camera networking can be complicated; that’s an understatement. It could involve multiple network deployments, not to mention extensive (and expensive) cabling. If fiberoptic cabling is used, this may require monthly, quarterly or annual leasing from a third-party provider. But with IP video surveillance, businesses of all sizes can deploy security video systems on a single network; the network may feature dozens, even hundreds, of linked cameras. It’s virtually limitless.

Mesh Deployment Backup

Like all data storage systems, you should expect your video surveillance system to store your footage as long as you need it. However, system failures happen from time to time; that’s just life. With IP video surveillance, you can choose to deploy the system as a “mesh” containing multiple nodes (also known as links) of access. This backup measure ensures if one node fails, the network is able to find the next best path of data transmission in the network so that recorded video won’t be lost. Your video can be accessed on demand, no interruptions.

Fast, Flexible Installation

Without yards of cables to contend with, IP video surveillance installation is faster than the legacy system was; however, the IP system still affords the flexibility of keeping parts of the legacy system. If a business wants to keep usable equipment and only replace the obsolete components of the system with IP cameras, that may be possible. Likewise, many businesses opt to only have IP video surveillance installed at specific zones on the property where the legacy system was failing. For businesses looking to upgrade video surveillance with an incremental budget, this is an option IP video surveillance makes possible.

IP video surveillance can be an excellent option for businesses implementing or upgrading commercial security video. To learn more, contact IBS Electronics & Security. We look forward to answering your questions.

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