It’s difficult to maintain campus safety in today’s security environment. Threats have escalated over time. It’s necessary to prepare your staff and faculty to respond to a variety of emergencies that can occur on your campus.

Campus security is crucial to the overall success of your institution. The likelihood that your campus will encounter an active shooter or other type of emergency has increased, so don’t think that it can’t happen at your college or university. Here are a few approaches to help prepare your faculty to deal with a variety of emergency situations.

Create a Threat Assessment Group

The U.S. Department of Education and United States Secret Service developed a guide to threat assessment to assist universities and schools with preparing for emergency incidents and threats against them. This guide promotes the creation of a team to assess potential threats and deal with other concerning information as the institution receives it. These teams typically consist of counselors, campus administrators, employees, mental health and medical professionals, law enforcement, resident aids, and public safety officers.

Conduct Practice Drills and Live Exercises

Routine practice for emergencies such as an active shooter event or other emergency prepares your faculty to respond to these incidents. Your school or university should conduct training at least once a year to keep your staff refreshed on the correct way to respond and up to date on current information and tactics.

Work with first responders, campus security personnel, and law enforcement so that when a true emergency arises you can accurately coordinate and execute your response to threats and avoid any confusion. It helps everything run smoothly during an actual event.

Train Faculty and Staff on the Use of Security Equipment

Administrators shouldn’t be the only people trained on security equipment. In case of their absence other faculty and staff should know how to use it. Schedule regular in-service days to teach faculty and staff about equipment and how to use it. This training should include the use of any equipment like access control systems, alarms, and video surveillance. A security integrator can help you set up and implement this vital training.

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